Livefire is a small Scientific and Engineering Consulting Firm with over 35 years of Navy and
DOD Acquisition experience. Our core specialty is System Survivability. We specialize in:
Electromagnetic (EM) Survivability against severe threats such as EM
Weapons,  EM Pulse (EMP), High Power Microwave, High Power Radio-
Frequency and Lightning
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Survivability
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3)
Livefire has the extensive experience and knowledge to ensure complex systems exposed to
these hostile threats can survive and operate through these extreme environments:
Research and Development
System Hardening Design and Development
Test and Evaluation
Logistics, Maintenance, and Surveillance
Warfighter support (Doctrine, CONOPS, & Tactics, Training, and Procedures)
Operational Requirements and Capabilities Generation
Livefire has the extensive skills and experience necessary to get products to the warfighter in
an efficient manner. Examples include:
Defense Acquisition System
Systems Engineering
Program/Project Management
Livefire brings a personal reputation of providing customers with high quality value-added
Engineering Services.
Livefire is located in Hollywood, MD, convenient to the Washington, DC area. For more
information, contact